CLAYTON PHOTOS | Forest Park in St. Louis

Forest Park was created for EVERYONE! It was dedicated on June 24, 1876, marking the 100 years of the signing of theUnited States Declaration of Independence. The Park's founders had a vision that remains today's conviction that "the rich and poor, the merchant and mechanic, the professional man and the day laborer, each with his family and lunch basket, can come and enjoy his own ... all without stint or hindrance ... and there will be no notice put up to 'Keep off the grass.'" “#1 City Park in the United States” — READERS OF USA TODAY With it's massive 1,300-acres it offers something for everybody. The History Museum, the Art Museum, The Muny Open Theatre, the Boat House, the Golf Course, the Tennis Courts, and more. There's even a Dual Path system that provides for both leisurely walks and intense workouts. And yes, there are still the quiet places to picnic and read while being in the middle of the city. It's an oasis for all to escape. Well, except for the marvelous residents of the St. Louis Zoo, that is one of the best in the Country with FREE admission!